Guide: Time for your workplace assessment

A workplace assessment, APV, maps the workplace's working environment conditions. An APV provides the opportunity to get a good overview of the areas that need to be taken care of.

All companies must do APV

All workplaces with employees must complete a workplace assessment, APV. You must update the APV at least every three years or when there are significant changes in the workplace.

In this guide, you will get good advice on APV as well as concrete examples of how you can implement it at your workplace.

Completing an APV does not have to be a complicated affair. A large part can be handled in a single meeting at the workplace. This guide is a help for those of you who want to start with APV. Whether you are a manager, employee or member of the working environment organisation.

Contents of an APV

Before starting APV, it is important that you set aside time to prepare and structure the upcoming process.

An APV must contain the following five phases, which the guide guides you through:

  • Mapping the working environment
  • Assessment of the mapping and ascertained working environment problems
  • Inclusion of work environment-related sickness absence
  • Prioritization of work environment problems and action plan
  • Follow up

Why make an APV?

The purpose of an APV is to ensure that the company looks at all significant conditions in the working environment and works systematically and continuously to solve any working environment problems.

The overview from an APV makes it easier for the company to target, plan and prioritize working environment initiatives.

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Last revised at Thursday, September 7, 2023