Working with computers

A guide to ensure appropriate office design and variation in working postures when working with computers. With knowledge, good advice, checklists and much more.

The sector guide "Working with computers" provides an overview of how you ensure appropriate office design  and variety in your working postures.

The guide also contains a checklist which can provide an overview of the working environment at the screen workstations and which can be used with advantage when you carry out your regular workplace assessment, APV.

"Working with computers" also gives good advice on the purchase of new furniture and other equipment for offices, so that wrong investments are avoided.

The guidelines in the guide apply when the screen work has a scope that follows from the legal framework on work at screen terminals. For this type of work, special regulations apply to the organization of the work, examination of the employees' eyes and vision, and the arrangement of the screen.

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Last revised at Monday, February 26, 2024