Sexual harassment: Where’s the limit?

Sexual harassment must be prevented and dealt with. But how can you start addressing the problem in the workplace? All people are different, and we all have different limits for what we perceive as sexually abusive.

Here you will find concrete tools to help you prevent sexual harassment in the workplace and to deal with situations of unwanted sexual attention.

The social partners (i.e., employers and employees) and the Danish Working Environment Authority, WEA, are behind the campaign ‘Where’s the limit?’ about protecting your workplace and your work environment from sexual harassment.

Get started

Watch the movie 'Where’s the limit?' which explains why it is important to talk about and prevent unwanted sexual attention and sexual harassment in the workplace (In Danish with English subtitles).


Use the dialogue cards together

Use the dialogue cards to initiate an open conversation in the workplace about unwanted sexual attention. The dialogue can give you an understanding of where the limits are.

Download the dialogue cards and use them to make it easier to talk about and prevent sexual harassment. Also download a guide with good advice on how to speak about the subject and facilitate a meeting where the dialogue cards are used.

Five tips for managers

Cases of sexual harassment or situations of unwanted sexual attention affects the entire workplace. Few leaders know exactly how to approach such matters, but if you follow these five general tips, you will be well on your way.

  • Take all incidents and approaches seriously.
  • Take the necessary conversations and investigate the situation.
  • Assess the situation - and act.
  • Seek knowledge and sparring.
  • Prevent sexual harassment.

Learn more about sexual harassment

On the Danish version of this page, you will find much more information and tools for preventing and handling sexual harassment and how to support a respectful tone of communication in the workplace. These tools and materials are available in Danish only.