Good working conditions in offices

The office workplace

Working with computers

A guide to ensure appropriate office design and variation in working postures when working with computers. With knowledge, good advice, checklists and much more.

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More publications from BFA Kontor

Guide: Computermouse

What should you pay attention to when using a computer mouse? In this guide, you will get good advice on working positions, work techniques, fixtures and fittings.

Guide: Conflict management

What conflicts are and why they arise – and about dealing with conflicts early in the process and preventing them from escalating to such an extent that the parties cannot resolve them themselves.

Guide: Workplace assessment

A workplace assessment, APV, maps the workplace's working environment conditions. An APV provides the opportunity to get a good overview of the areas that need to be taken care of.

Fact sheets about working environment

BFA Kontor's fact sheet summarizes the most important laws, regulations and good advice on key topics in the working environment. Here you will find the fact sheets that have been translated into English

Factsheets from BFA Kontor